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Hello my darlings! It has been a while, I know… But I will make it up to you with this and more upcoming blog posts.


Almost daily I get the question ‘what is your favorite product?’. Well, to be honest, I do have a couple of products I love to use. Both for me and on set. To give you an idea, and maybe some inspiration for the Christmas gifts you will have to buy soon, I made up a couple of lists. And this one is the first.


If there is one thing that every woman should have in her beauty bag, it is for sure a good mascara. Just by using a tiny amount of mascara your expression brighten,  you will look fresh and awake. And by a ‘good’ mascara I mean a mascara that:

– elongates your lashes
– gives them a nice curl
– leaves no clots on you lashes
– doesn’t run all over your face during the day
– is easy to use, one that gives you the possibility to build up layers

At least, that is what is should do for me. I know there are girls who like to use a lot of mascara and create really thick lashes. But that’s not for me. I like to keep it natural and discrete.

So here we go…


My all time favorite nr. 1: Les Couleurs de Noir – Black – € 20,00

This mascara really does everything that is supposed to do. It is a Belgian product, developed for those with sensitive eyes or allergies. And soft it is! That also makes it easy to cleanse off at night. Love it!

For more details check




My second favorite nr. 1: Artdeco – Mineral All-in-One Black – € 17,50

I only discovered this mascara a few months ago. It is truly an amazing product. It defines your lashes beautifully, stays where it is supposed to be all day and is very easy to build up in layers. If you use just one coat it looks very natural. But for a more pronounced or dramatic look you can use two or three (or more) coats without getting ‘spider legs’. Just perrrrrfect.

You can buy it online right… here.




For those who want to shop on a budget there is only one answer: Biocura (Aldi) – € 2,49

mascara_big_6893 mascara_big_6894

When I started off as a make-up artist I tried to find the cheapest and best products out there. It is not always so that the most expensive things are the best. I have this mascara (both the black and the brown one) in my make-up case since the beginning, lying side to side to Dior and Chanel. ;)


I’m not saying other mascaras aren’t any good. There are a lot of wonderful products out there and I don’t know them all. These are just my favorite ones (for now).

If you want to know how to apply your mascara without clumping or getting spider lashes, you should check this link. It explains everything in detail. I couldn’t do it any better. And remember, practice makes perfect!


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