Sophie Rata


Yesterday I was going through some old portfolio photos. You know, the ones that didn’t make it on the new website, only because they weren’t recent enough… And I decided I wanted to share some of these with you.

The first pics I came across were the ones I made in collaboration with Sophie Rata. For those who are not familiar with Sophie’s work should really check out her page on Facebook. Her personal website is down for the moment for some maintenance.

When I met Sophie for the first time, about 4 years ago, I was just starting off as a make-up artist. But she believed in me, pushed me to try out new things and get better every time we worked together.

It is not possible to show all the series we did together. We did so many! So here is just a small selection. And if I’m right, this was the first photo shoot we did:

Sophie Sophie


And after that we did some more:

Sophie Sophie


Sometimes Sophie wanted to try something different and then she came up with this:

Sophie Sophie


Or this:


I must say I’m still proud of this picture. Those of you who know the model, Thomas, will know that he doesn’t have a heavy beard and that he doesn’t look rough at all. So the beard and the roughness in the face are my job. ;)


This is also a series that I still like. It was such a lovely day! <3

Sophie Sophie

Sophie Sophie   Sophie


Of course it is also very nice to see that even the models offices are still using our pics to promote their models:


(See more pics from this series here.)


Or when your pics get published in a magazine… That is the best you can get!


(See more pics here.)


Colors & love,



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