shooting time

Today I had a lovely lookbook shoot for Eva, a young Belgian fashion designer. You will be able to find her beautiful handmade work soon on

Before starting a shoot I always keep telling myself ‘ok Katarina, this time you will make some behind the scene shots to post on your blog!’ But once I get started I get so caught up in doing the hair and make-up that I forget the promise I made to myself.

Luckily  for me, the photographer, Hannes Verstraete , went out for a cigaret break while I was prepping our (o so stunning) model Nathalie. While he was standing outside in the snowy garden, he looked inside, grabbed his iPhone and took this snapshot.


behind the scenes by Hannes


Finally I have a really nice behind the scene pic and I even don’t look silly (normally I do when I’m focused…).
So thanks a million times Hannes!

As soon as I get the pics from today’s shoot, I will post them here.


Colors & love,



Reacties zijn gesloten.