Product review – nail polish Hema

I love going to Hema. They have cute and wonderful products. But for their nail polishes I never had high expectations. So I was really suprised by this little feller here:


nail polish Hema


It is a very nice deep brown wich at first sight looks almost like black. But I think this color is less hard and more glamorous then black. The best part is, it covers your nails in just one coat! I even didn’t put a clear (and protecting) topcoat on my nail polish. Normally I do, but last Sunday I felt a little lazy…


nail polish Hema


6 days, 4 fotoshoots, 5 manicures, 11 models and at least 60 bobby pins later, my nails looked like this:


nail polish Hema


True, there is some damage, but I really abuse my nails. Especially while opening bobby pins. And this nail polish even had to endure a swimming lesson with my son this morning. That really made the varnish chip off. This morning it still looked a lot better. Then you just saw a little white trim at the end of the nails. But hey, I’m here to show you the real deal, isn’t it?

Colors and love,


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