Let me first introduce Mayken to you. Mayken is what one would call a jack-of -all-trades. It is impossible to put her in the small box of  ‘illustrator’ or ‘graphic designer’, because she also paints, sews, curates, writes and photographs. Just take a peek at her very inspiring website and you’ll see what I mean.

website Mayken

For months now, Mayken and I were talking about some kind of project we could do together. What it would become or how it would be we didn’t know. But we planted a little seed and all of a sudden this flower started to grow. We kept on sending e-mails for weeks, making moodboards, having tea and coffee in cute bars, but at last it all came together. We would organize an event for Fresh34, the oh so beautiful shop where Mayken works part-time!

We started off with a photoshoot with Mayken as the photographer/stylist and me as the hair & make-up artist/assistent. A couple of the results will be selected and presented at Fresh 34. That’s not all of course. Thursday night, on December 20th there will be a special ‘get ready to party’ event. There will also be goodie bags for the early birds and I’ll be giving tips & tricks for the ultimate party look. More info will follow soon, but be there! I’m looking forward to meet you.


Ok, we took the first steps. We finally had an outlined idea! Now we had to figure out what style we wanted for each model and how we could achieve it. So we came together at Mayken’s place and organized a crafting day. I know, it sounds dull and lame, but it was so much fun. And lunch… Lunch was great! ;)


Fresh Fresh Fresh


We found 3 models, a couple of nice outfits, we made some decorations and we were ready to do a shoot. So now I proudly present to you Bette, Nina and Joke! Three very different women, but also very beautiful in their own way. I couldn’t think of better models for this project.


Colors & love,


Bette Bette

Bette Bette Bette

Bette Bette


PS This is only Bette. Pictures from our other two stars will be added soon!

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