Early spring clean

Although it is freezing outside, the sun is shining. It makes me bouncy. I can’t hold still and relax, my fingers get itchy… My agenda is filled with jobs and test shoots. I have a zillion ideas planned to do. Moodboards have been made. But it just ain’t enough… That means it is time for a small, early spring clean in my make-up bag!

A while ago I received these lovely products, the micro foundation creams of the High Definition collection by Kryolan.
I have to admit that I was a scared to use creamy products when I started off as a make-up artist. They looked so compact and heavy. But over the years I found out that often creamy products tent to blend in and cover better than their liquid brothers and sisters. And that is precisely what this cream foundation does. The coverage is great, can be applied sheerly, blends easily and builds nicely.

spring clean kryolan spring clean kryolan spring clean kryolan

This foundation comes in a small metal tin. And that’s the only downside for my as a make-up artist… Every time  I need to check the numbers at the bottom of the tin (I wrote down with a pen) or I have to open it to make sure I have the right color. Leaving all of the tins open while working is not really an option. It takes too much space and the product will dry. So these lovely foundations kept on going around in my make-up bag without being used frequently. I prefer to use palettes or at least transparent bottles so I can tell the color right away.

spring clean kryolan spring clean kryolan

I figured I would use these foundations a lot more if I could put them together in one pallet. That makes is a lot more easier to use. So I headed to a Make Up For Ever shop to get an empty color palette.
As the product is really creamy and soft, it came out of the little containers very easily. And then I just had to tuck it in the different compartments of the palette.

spring clean spring clean spring clean

This is so much better! :)

Colors & love,








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