Pretty dirty nails


Yes, I’m addicted to nail polish. Yes, I like to get my hands dirty.

Last Sunday it seemed like spring finally arrived in our little spot on the globe (you know, the one called Belgium). The sun stopped playing hide and seek with the clouds and came out in all her beautiful glory. Do you get how happy I was? At last I could work in my small garden and get everything ready to plant new flowers and veggies for the summer!

But yes, I’m addicted to nail polish. And no, I don’t like wearing gloves. So my hands ended up looking like this:


dirty nails


Nothing a good scrub, some hand creme and a new coat of nail polish couldn’t fix. :)
Me happy, my garden happy and our tummies will be happy too!

Oh, and if you are wondering which color it is I’m wearing…
This is Catrice 030 – Meet Me At Coral Island. Maybe not the best holding nail polish out there, but definitely one of my favorite colors.

Colors & love,



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